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Join the Affiliate Program: Share Your Love of Chess and Earn!

Do you love chess? Are you passionate about sharing the game with others? is a leading online retailer of chess clothing and accessories, offering a unique selection of stylish and high-quality products for chess enthusiasts of all levels. We're excited to invite you to join our Affiliate Program and share your passion for chess while earning commission on every sale you refer!

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Why Partner with

High-Quality Products: We offer a wide variety of chess clothing and accessories, from t-shirts and hoodies to hats and mugs. Our products are all made with high-quality materials and feature unique chess-themed designs.

Competitive Commissions: Earn generous commissions on sales you refer to our website (conditions apply).

Regular Promotions and Discounts: We offer exclusive promotions and discounts to our affiliates, which you can share with your audience to incentivize purchases.

Free Shipping: We provide free shipping to the USA, UK, and Europe and competitive flat shipping for the rest of the world.

Dedicated Support: Our team is here to help you succeed with your affiliate marketing efforts. We provide you with all the tools and resources you need to promote our products effectively. (

We Listen: If you suggest great product ideas we will design and produce them and add them to our catalog free of charge. So, you can promote them to your audience.

Analytics: We provide a dashboard and analytics to track your progress transparently. This is managed and powered by a third-party application without our involvement.

What are the requirements to become an affiliate?

  • PayPal account to receive payments

Conditions of payouts

  • You get 2.50 USD for each purchase over 27 USD made via your affiliate link
  • We have a minimum payout threshold of 25 USD to help manage transaction costs. This means your commissions will accumulate until they reach $25 or more, at which point you'll receive a payout.
  • We aim to process your commission payout within 14-30 business days after you reach the minimum payout threshold.
  • Follow the Ethical Promotion Guidelines listed below.

How To Join The Program?

Sign Up: Apply to join our Affiliate Program by filling out a simple online form ( Once approved, you'll gain access to our affiliate dashboard where you'll find all the marketing materials you need.

Benefits of Joining the Affiliate Program

Earn income by doing what you love – sharing your passion for chess!

Grow your audience by promoting high-quality chess products that your followers will love.

Become a chess influencer and establish yourself as a trusted source for chess enthusiasts.

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Let's work together to promote chess and help others discover the joy of the game!

Ethical Promotion Guidelines

At, we're committed to fostering a positive and respectful community around chess. As a valued partner in our Affiliate Program, we trust you to promote our brand ethically and responsibly.

Here are some key guidelines to keep in mind:


  • Promote products with honesty and integrity.
  • Focus on the positive aspects of our products, such as their high quality, unique designs, and relevance to chess enthusiasts.
  • Clearly disclose your affiliate relationship with whenever you promote our products.


  • Use our brand name, logos, or trademarks in a misleading or deceptive way.
  • Make false or exaggerated claims about our products or their benefits.
  • Promote on websites or through methods that are offensive, hateful, discriminatory, or illegal.
  • Use spam tactics or other unethical marketing practices to promote our products.

Examples of Unethical Promotion:

  • Creating fake accounts or reviews to promote products.
  • Running misleading advertisements that suggest a false endorsement from a celebrity or chess player.
  • Promoting on websites that contain hate speech, violence, or illegal content.

Consequences of Unethical Promotion:

Violations of these guidelines may result in the termination of your affiliate account and the withholding of any earned commissions.

We encourage you to reach out to our Affiliate Program team if you have any questions about these guidelines or how to promote ethically.